Thursday, June 29, 2017

Duo Le Pin DLP505B: Comics Black Panther Minifig Review

Mech won't be reviewed though.

Would've loved it except...

..the torso printing wasn't aligned to the center.. 

Other than the horrible print alignment, which I have also seen from previous DLP Spider-Man minifigs, the quality is great. SY level quality, in terms of printing (sharpness, colors, etc.) and plastic; that's only normal because SY=DLP anyway.
Not a fan of the white lines on T'Challa's face though, but it gets covered anyway. You can also choose to use a yellow head inside to show yellow eyes for Black Panther, (but it's not that noticeable unless you really look at it closely with goot lighting).

They bothered to add a back design despite the cape and I think that's great because Black Panther often times removes his cape.

With the cape up the unaligned torso print is even more noticeable.

Those are the parts for the mech/robot. It's really more of a robot than a mech because Black Panther doesn't "pilot" the mech; the mech comes with his own helmet, not a cockpit of some sorts.

Why am I not reviewing the mech?
The box came with no instructions. I got it from another local collector and he sold it to me sealed, so it's not his fault. + I don't see the point in stealing an instruction manual hardcopy when you can take pictures.. Hahaha. This is DLP's fault OR where my seller's seller. Haha 

If you guys have a copy of the instructions, feel free to share below or through Facebook, and please feel free to share your other thoughts as well! Like us on Facebook for the latest previews, reviews, MOCs, and more as well!


  1. I've ordered Batman from same set. Aslo with sorta useless mecha, but minifigures looks unique.

    1. Yeah that's why I continued with the review even without the mech haha

  2. The Batman is Onlinesailin's Dark Knight. Hasn't appeared anywhere else.

    I have the instructions for this set somewhere. I'll see if I can find them.

    1. Oh thanks man! And yeah, lots of DLP minifigs with mini builds are exclusive like my Spider-Mech from DLP that isn't even on Ali