Friday, June 16, 2017

KAZI KY87024: Mini Pirate Ships with Minifigs (The Chronicles of Narnia) Preview

These aren't Chronicles of Narnia for sure.. Hahaha

Thanks, Oederland, for the clearer pictures!

Love the unique parts so far though. 

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  1. While looking for these I found bigger sets:!!2921492556.jpg!!2911613881.png!!2911613881.png

    Some of these have modified elements of Lego Ninjago (and possibly Chima) sets and others I can't quite put my figure on but definitely taken from something.

    1. *I meant finger not figure, lol.

    2. Wow thanks! I'll browse taobao for these to share! :D

  2. Here are some higher-res pictures

    I really like the printing on the minifig of (sub)set 1, works perfectly well for anyone into Castle ;) , the ones in 5 and 6 are okayish. Hopefully they have back printing as well.

    Enjoy, Oederland