Friday, June 9, 2017

KL Brand KL053, K055: Beetle and Eye Henchman Minifig Review

Part of this set.

Why did I pick up Beetle? Marvel collector and I've been looking for him for a while already.
Why did I pick up Eye henchman? For a MOC idea, stay tuned for it. 

Back view of the minifigs. 

Side view. Thinking of erasing some of those red lines on Eye guy's head. I think reaching the sides is a bit too much.

Beetle's wings aren't plastic. They're some sort of rubber material. I don't have any complaints about it though. The hole is a bit small for a minifig neck, but given it's rubber characteristic, it can stretch and fits nicely after stretching. 

Don't know how accurate it is to TLG's. I still like it though. That tiny stinger looking thing on the bottom of the wings is a stinger right..? Hahaha. 

Overall, the prints were fine. Not as good as TLG or SY but better than most. It's in the good department, not great, not bad, but good. Way better than one of the new POGO's Marvel+DC sets.

Also, credits for the designs go to TLG for Beetle and I don't know yet for Eye guy. Feel free to update me with information below or through Facebook!


This is TLG's Beetle. Notice the design on his wings? Nothing like that from KL.

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  1. So about wings. You've seen batfairy right?

    Pogo makes wings from very very smelly rubber, besides they are very dim and untransparent. While Xinh has transparent plastic wings.

    I'm not sure, but I'll check Blue Beetle (DC) in the evening. I think Xinh version had good wings so you can replace them.

    1. My Beetle's wings don't really smell bad, but if you sniff hard enough you can smell that typical rubbery smell haha. I'd prefer transparent plastic ones though, like XINH's.

    2. They actually smell less over time, luckily. And superbad when you just open the packet.

  2. i think He is "Firefly" batman villain. -Ritche H.

    1. I think it's a good idea to make one of him, just have to add fuel tank and some accessories.

  3. Oh it's marvel thunderbolts beetle. -Ritche H.