Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Kopf KF6018: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Minifigs Preview

Credits go to
(Thanks to wickedlemon for the information!)

KF245 - Angel

KF246 - Giles

KF247 - Spike

KF248 - Buffy

KF249 - Oz (no solo pic yet)

KF250 - Xander

KF251 - Dawn

KF252 - Willow

They're Buffy characters right?

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  1. Pretty cool characters. Good variety for a city. I like the vest/glasses guy best.


    Are we getting the 8th Oz figure too?

    Is Dawn correct? The original is listed as Cordelia, but the image is listed as Dawn (here and on the custom site). Any Buffy experts know?

    1. Updated with the full set picture!! :D

    2. Definitely Cordelia. This is 100% the Scooby Gang from season 2 (plus Spike, who was the Big Bad at the time).

      Hopefully Oz comes with werewolf face as well. But I think I'll be trying to replace Giles' face with an older one, and maybe his hair with one that has grey temples, like a Reed Richards one. This version of Giles looks more like the current version in the comics where he's been de-aged to a 10-year-old.