Friday, June 2, 2017

Lepin 05121: Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive Preview

TLG: 2017. Lepin: 2017. Wow.

Note that some sellers/store have the minifigs blurred out. I don't know why but here are the pictures with no blurs. Sometimes though I can't find non-blurred ones. 

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  1. Where do you get all these pictures ? And why you don't show the box ?

    1. I get them from various sites, forums, sellers, anywhere I stumble upon in the web. I can only post what I can see and these were all the pictures I found.

      Also, these are just preview images from Lepin/seller. I think it's only up for preselling which means they're not in stock yet. I've heard from others though that it's a waste of money to buy presell items so just wait for them in case you're interested, or better yet, buy official TLG if you can afford to! :D

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    4. Can you give me one of the sources website's url that you use most often ?

    5. Taobao and AliExpress.. Hahaha I just browse around those!