Friday, June 16, 2017

Lepin 07080: TLBM The Batwing Build Preview

TLBM Hype isn't dead yet? Haha

I'll let the pictures do the talking. 

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  1. Ah TLBM hype. Didn't do anything much for me tho.

    Did you collect any TLBM original sets or minifigs?

    The only TLBM minifig I really love and bought was Alfred for his bald hairpiece in flesh colour. I also bought POGO's Alfred but his hairpiece wasn't as polished. I used POGO's tailcoat on my original Alfred and kept the original tailcoat mint ;)

    The other original TLBM 'element' I bought was Dick Grayson's torso, love his sweater.

    Lastly, I bought POGO's Penguin minifig, for the new collapsed umbrella piece. But I should have waited coz BL will probably start selling the umbrella cheaper than buying the entire POGO Penguin minifig. I will buy more then.

    Ninjago is gonna be next but I doubt it will reach TLBM level of initial craze. Again, I have no interest in this theme at all. Except to see which new elements and building techniques.

    1. I don't collect TLBM but I guess I bought a number of them for their unique parts as well. I'm not a DC collector in general but you gotta admit, lots of the TLBM designs were great.

      Yeah I doubt the Ninjago movie will have as much craze as TLBM. Hopefully though they release unique Ninjago figs that even non-Ninjago fans will buy, even if just for parts haha

  2. Hi guys, I bought TLBM robin POGO for the hairpiece with green googles and put it on torso and legs of LELE LONE RANGER for my DC's jack knight/ STARMAN fig. and I used POGO calculator torso and legs and put BELLA scooby doo swmap creature head for DC's Parasite. -Ritche H.