Thursday, June 15, 2017

POGO PG194, PG196, PG187: Deadpool, Cyclops, and Azrael Minifigs Review

Kinda late but here you go!

Let's start with Deadpool and Cyclops. The print quality is fine. If you've been getting the latest minifigs from POGO, KL, or WM, you should be familiar with their type of printing that isn't as glossy as TLG's or SY's, these guys use the same method. The details look great though but that's thanks to wherever POGO stole these designs.

We get side prints for the arms as well.

Here's their back view. If it's not obvious enough, Deadpool comes with 2 swords and his sword backpack.

No alternate faces. Yay for Deadpool, and sad for Cyclops. Would've wanted an angry Cyclops face for some epic displays and shoots.

When I bought my Cyclops though, I didn't notice that his visor had bad printing.. Look at the picture above to see the crookedness in the printing of the visor. Hopefully this is an isolated case and that your Cyclops minifigs won't have the same problems.

I also bought Azrael because he looks amazing. Might use him for parts too when a light bulb idea arrives. I already have an idea in store but still not too sure about it. Just stay tuned!

His cape is amazing btw, but a bit too short in my opinion. Still, I'm glad POGO was able to replicate these this way and didn't stick with just a red and black cape. Also, the inner color is red while the outer color is black. Useful cape too. Good job, POGO!

His sword is also unique by the way, I don't think TLG makes those.

Printing quality is the same as the others. Design is great. Although the minifig has different shades of grey and white. I don't know if that's intended or if POGO simply had no choice but to use certain colors. In the end though Azrael still looks great. 

His side prints. Not perfect but better than nothing.

Plain old back and no alternate face. Happy that they still made a design for the back despite already having a cape.

They're all part of this larger set, PG8056.

I also reviewed some of the PG8056 minifigs already.

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  1. I don't collect superheroes minifigs but I'm DEFINITELY getting Azreal, it looks too good to pass up. I could always use him to make some sort of jacked up Templar/Crusader knight or something. :)

    1. Yeah haha. I don't collect DC but I got two of him HAHA

    2. He is made so well. If he had leg sides printed he would be perfect.