Friday, June 9, 2017

POGO PG196, PG199, PG200: Quasar, American Dream, and Arachne Sister Minifigs Review

More info on their whole set here.

From left to right: 
PG199 - American Dream
PG196 - Quasar
PG200 - Arachne Sister 

I had to replace this guy three times. FYI, I buy from local stores and not online so I can see the minifig in his plastic bag before purchasing. I saw three guys with misaligned torso prints then finally saw this one. Despite that, there are still a couple of issues that I didn't notice on first glance..  

Seems like something went wrong with the molding process on his legs. This is probably an isolated case. Seem to be dual molded though at least. Also, he DOES NOT have an alternate face, sadly.

Oh man the focus wasn't good, but you can still see the blue mark in between Quasar's face. That's gonna be hard to remove.. 

View from an angle. At least they tried with the arm prints even though they don't go all the way around his arms. Also, seems to be dual molded legs!

Arachne is a custom design from SH Custom Minifigs. There are three of them, Arachne (this one), Black Suit Arachne (evil Arachne), and Superior Arachne (found in this set). 

Back print's a bit faded but the hair covers that up at least. I also don't like the angry face's lips but it's also alright since I prefer the smiling face.

No, this is not girl Captain America. This is American Dream.

I hate how there's a bit of flesh above her mask. I've seen worst ones though wherein the flesh part was huge and too noticeable.

A better view of the head and its printing that I'm not really fond of.

The arms print also look a bit forced.

View of her back and alternate face. Makes me wonder why Quasar doesn't have an alternate face.. Also, dual molded legs!

Misaligned shield printing.. Notice the red part on top is wider than the bottom's.

These are GREAT designs. But the quality control is crap. I expected more from POGO. Hopefully my minifigs are isolated cases. 

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  1. That's common issue with Pogo unfortunately. Luckily you can see what you buy, unlike me. So I have to order over and over.

    Legs are not dual molded, it's just paint. In case of dual mold the border between colors is clearly visible - there's small gap, besides it's rounded:

    1. Oh okay. I do know about those rounded gap things, but I was looking inside the legs (aka the stud holes) and the insides were the same color as their outside parts. So it's either a different kind of dual molding or they painted even the inside parts (but that's weird because usually they suck at painting haha)