Wednesday, June 21, 2017

POGO PG202, PG203, PG204, PG206: Whiplash, Spider-Girl, Tarantula, and Deadpool Minifigs Review

From left to right: 
PG202 - Whiplash (From Iron Man 2)
PG203 - Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon)
PG204 - Tarantula (From Marvel comics too)
PG206 - Last Stand Deadpool

Front printing was good. Quality control has improved in my opinion, way better than some of POGO's recent releases (Quasar, American Dream, Arachne Sister). Although Anya Corazon still had issues. 

Close up on Whiplash's whips. Simple but they get the job done. 

From here you can already see Anya Corazon's crap printing; more on that below. Whiplash's hair mold/plastic quality wasn't very good as well but that wasn't much of a big deal for me since those are easily replaceable.  

Side view. So happy they still provided side prints! 

Back view without their hair pieces. Great detail on Whiplash. Bad printing on Anya, again.

 Side view with no hair. 

First thing I hate about Anya: her left eye has a noticeable scratch. Now I get my figs from local stores so I get to choose which to get, and return one if there's something wrong with it, but... 

...before getting the fig in the picture, I came across three other Anya Corazon minifigs and they all had that smudge/scratch/deformity on her left waist (as seen in the picture) and that distracted me from looking at the other parts, namely the head, and thus ended up with a crappy head. Though again, even the torso's back print was messed up. My fault for not looking very closely, but I can't imagine how you guys who order online feel when your items arrive with the quality I can avoid by getting from local stores.

Moving on to Tarantula and Deadpool. They're fine. They're the usual POGO minifig. Good details, good quality. Not as great as TLG or SY, but not bad at all.  

Again, thank you for the side prints. 

Amazing detail on Deadpool's back as well despite having a sword backpack!

TL;DR - Happy that POGO is re-improving their minifigs. This is PG8057 and it's better than PG8056 which was very very bad. 

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  1. I love you go through your local stores stock and examine the figures. You are sooo picky. I wonder if the store workers are happy to see you or roll their eyes.

    1. Hahahaha I feel the same way sometimes but better than going home with crappy minifigs. + most people who buy there do that anyway, and even the stores are nice and they understand. :D

      Hopefully online stores can do something like that, like maybe sending pictures of the figs before sending, though I understand that that can be quite a hassle for them.. :/

    2. Personally, I'd love to see a photo of this store. Is it a toy store? Is it just minifigures? Is it a mix of real and fakes?

    3. I buy from different stores. As in, different cities haha but I'll try to share some pics next time! :D

  2. That's Ultimate Deadpool

    Also i believe that's Julia Carpenter Arachne not Anya Corazan

    1. Ohhh I see. Alright thanks I'll update! :D