Friday, June 16, 2017

POGO PG205, PG207, PG208, PG209: Paladin, Spider-Man, Superior Spider-Girl, and Venompool Minifigs Review

Part of this bigger set.

PG205 - Paladin
PG207 - Last Stand Spider-Man
PG208 - Superior Spider-Girl (Arachne Sister)
PG209 - Venompool

Great printing from both, though different from the usual TLG and SY. The print is not as shiny but is still not too rough looking. Very similar to the previous POGO sets released like this and this.

Quality control is crap though. Seriously, POGO seems to be worsening especially in the quality control department. I buy my minifigs from local stores and thus can see them before buying and can ask to pick another bag if I see any misprints etc, but I guess I need better eyesight. Just look at my Spider-Man, there's a weird plastic smudge/mold on the belt area + there's a chip on his head's stud. Maybe I'll get a replacement soon.

Nothing going on with the sides.

Back print's quality is same with front's.

Gonna say the same thing I said about Paladin and Spider-Man. Although we see POGO's "skill" in arm prints here, sleeve prints to be exact. It's horrible. Really wish they'd dual mold the the arms instead because the faded area near the arm pits of the minifig just look ugly.

At least from the side, the sleeve prints look better.

Despite having long hair and a sword backpack, at least POGO still made some back prints for the torsos. Same quality as the front prints. Also, Superior Spider-Girl has an alternate face. Rejoi...

..nevermind. Above her eyebrow there's brown print blots and it looks horrible. Sure I can erase thos e but there's a risk of erasing the whole eyebrows as well. At least she has long hair that will cover this and that the front face is decent.
(Sorry about the picture quality)

That's it for now. Overall, designs are great. Print quality is fine, not as good as TLG or SY but fine. Plastic quality is fine, again not as good as TLG or SY, but fine. It's really the quality control. If you guys are gonna buy someone you really want, might as well order two or more of that minifig if you don't wanna wait again for another order. The better choice though would be to boycott and let their accountants realize the correlation of their sales weakening to the quality of their minifigs.

Let's hope POGO improves.

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