Thursday, June 22, 2017

POGO PG243: X-23 (aka Laura from X-Men and Logan) Minifig Review

Love this minifig.

She came with an extra hand, + of course the claws. That's it.

Two angles to see the claws. They're well-made. Surprised they didn't use the traditional Wolverine claws except only two blades. 

I'd love to see these claws with three blades instead so I can see if they suit Wolverine better. Some people hate the traditional Wolverine claws but honestly I like them. I also like this one too though, so no problems here haha

Side views of her.

Back view with hair.

Back view with hair. No alternate face. Would've preferred to see a face with no face mask but at least the face wasn't a generic female face. 

Quality wise, X-23 is better than the previous sets of POGO minifigs. Hopefully POGO stays that way or more preferably, improve. XINH is definitely improving, based on their Silk minifig; I hope that drives POGO to improve even more.

TL;DR - Plastic quality + printing quality are good! Not as good as SY/DLP/TLG but definitely better than the more recent POGO minifigs. 

Right now though, XINH > POGO. I'll check out the other Homecoming minifigs from XINH if I can, maybe just the PS4 Spider-Man since I want the whole sets for the others in the set. 
[In the end though, TLG will always better. So stick with them as much as possible, guys!]

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