Friday, June 2, 2017

POGO PG8054: Star Trek Enterprise Minifigs Preview

Here it is:

We saw four of them here. This one's the complete set! 

PG950 - Captain Jonathan Archer
PG951 - T'Pol
PG952 - Ensign Travis Mayweather
PG953 - Lt. Trip Tucker
PG954 - Hoshi Sato
PG955 - Dr. Phlox
PG956 - Malcolm Reed
PG957 - Possible Kirk or Spock in flight suit (Star Trek 2009)

Thanks to Matt, Anonymous, and another Anonymous for some of the names!

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  1. pg-954:Hoshi Sato, pg-955:Dr.Phlox, pg-956: Malcolm Reed, pg-957:?