Monday, June 5, 2017

POGO PG8057: Marvel Minifigs with Whiplash, Venompool, Spider-Verse Spider-Men, and more!

The Marvel fan in me is rejoicing!!

PG202 - Whiplash (IM2) (Christo)
PG203 - Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon) (Arachne by Engineerio)
PG204 - Tarantula (Engineerio)
PG205 - Paladin (Engineerio)
PG206 - Ultimate Deadpool (Engineerio)
PG207 - Last Stand Spider-Man (Leyilebrick)
PG208 - Superior Spider-Girl (SH Customs)
PG209 - Venompool (Leyilebrick)

Thanks to Andrew for the heads up! Also thanks to Andrew again and Tommy for the sources of the designs! 

Correct my names if I got them wrong please! Share them and your other thoughts below or through Facebook and please like the page for more previews, reviews, MOCs, and more!


  1. 202) Whiplash
    203) Arachne (Engineerio)
    204) Tarantula (Engineerio)
    205) Paladin (Engineerio)
    206) Ultimate Deadpool (Engineerio)
    207) Last Stand Spider-Man (Leyilebricks)
    208) Superior Spider-Girl (SH Customs)
    209) Venompool (Leyilebricks)

    1. Thanks for these! I'll update the blog to give credit to the designers! :D

  2. That's what I'm talking about POGO! Give us more new characters! - Jpoks!

  3. Look what I found on AliExpress


    1. Yeah it's a shame, I admit. TLG and the customizers will always have better quality and reliability though. The bootleg market is really just for those who don't have access to TLG or those third party designers. Lots of third world countries have TLG items at twice or even more than their regular price in US or other first world countries. For the customizers, shipping is a hassle when you're not from a first world country/US, + shipping cost would be expensive (also note that some of these countries may have corrupt customs that would charge you ridiculous amounts of money for something small).

      There will be those first world country people who will get these bootleg stuff too because of the unique parts, pieces, designs, etc. you can get from them and there will also be third world coutry people who will get official stuff because they can afford it.

      In the end, I see this as a win for us consumers. TLG will improve because of the increased threat and bootleggers will create authentic stuff like certain Chinese brands already to avoid legal conflict. So yeah, more choices for consumers!

  5. Yes! Another MCU minifigure! This whiplash is far superior to the other bootleg one, but I would've kinda hoped he came with his whips...ahh well, great design. My biggest wish is for an Ego minifigure.

    1. Yeah hopefully he comes with his whips. I'd want an Ego minifig too, but if it's MCU, my top wish would be a Spider-Man Homecoming homemade suit minifig. It's a shame TLG didn't make one so I'm counting on bootleggers to make them. :D

  6. "STEALING from LEGO, STEALING FROM CUSTOMIZERS nice" - Nice anonymous comment! Harbinger of justice? Why not leave a name? Maybe because he is also buying these bootlegs, He he he - Jpoks