Friday, June 2, 2017

POGO PGPJ4028, PGPJ4029: Bomb Squad EOD Armor Accessory in Green and Tan for Minifigs Preview

We already saw the black one here.

PGPJ4028 - Olive Green EOD Armor

PGPJ4029 - Tan EOD Armor

Check out the other POGO weapons and accessories here.

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  1. Man! I just ordered them in black last week. Guess I need these too, green for sure.

  2. Loving the boom in accessories. Shame for the guys who did the originals.
    Knights will get upgrades, orcs weapons upgrades. Need dwarfs still!!

    1. I even found some (army of darkness type) skeletons to boost the evil army's ranks plus your fire skeleton horses. Ahhh the plan in my mind.

    2. Yehp these accessories are giving us lots of great ideas. Really hope they'll do some comicbook/superhero based ones, but I can see why there are few of those since they're not really meant for army building hence less sales.. :/