Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sembo Block 11573-11578: Black Gold (Block Gold) Minifigs with Mini Builds and Vehicles Preview (AKA Kopf 11573-11580)

Kopf claimed this set as their own too.

11573 and 11574

11575 and 11576

11577 and 11578

11579 and 11580

Check out the previous Block Gold sets here.

Sellers from Ali list these guys as Black Gold, and I understand that that bullet hole may be a small letter A. It's weird though since all the other letters are capital while the hole, that looks more like an O, is considered a small A. Well, at least we have codes for this. Hahaha.

Thanks to Yeoh Seng for the heads up on these! (And the link to the individual pictures!)

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