Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Sembo Block 11816, 11817: Golden King of Glory Mechs Preview

Their previous one had no minifigs.

Sembo 11816

Sembo 11817

Lele also made their own golden KoG mechs but they didn't look as nice.

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xen0bia pointed out that these mechs are simply repaints of SY's Nexo Knights mechs. Haven't seen those SY mechs before but as you can see, they're identical or at least very similar. 

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  1. It sbould be noted that these are repaints/retools of previous SY Nexo Knights sets that are also fairly new (SY849 A and B).

    I prefer the Nexo ones. More colorful.

    1. WOAH. I didn't even notice. Thanks for noticing, you have great eyes!