Thursday, June 8, 2017

Sheng Yuan SY666: Random Minifigs Preview

I'm sure SY released something like this before already.

Although I am not completely sure if these are random minifigs or just the popular ones though I'm willing to bet it's the random ones. Probably some old stock in their factories. 

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  1. Bootleg mystery pack?
    They do not look old, at least Batman, cause he has separate belt, means he's from Batman Movie.
    And I'm really pissed at SY that they didn't issue Batman in minifigure set yet.

  2. The few lines of Chinese translate to "There is a chance to obtain high quality minifigures released in the year 2017"
    I'm not too interested in these. I wish SY could release more different and unique figures.

    1. Oh lol. I guess that confirms the random minifigs haha. Thanks for that! And yeah, it's a pass for this one, hoping they release unique ones too instead