Saturday, June 10, 2017

Sheng Yuan SY700: Spider-Man Characters with Vehicle Builds Preview

Some Homecoming hype!

SY700A - Classic Spider-Man
SY700B - Iron-Spider

SY700C - Classic Green Goblin
SY700D - Miles Morales

SY700E - Scarlett Spider
SY700F - Spider-Girl

SY700G - Doctor Octopus (TV Show)
SY700H - Superior Spider-Man

Thanks Caleb for the heads up!

Was hoping the Green Goblin had his glider and shoulder bag that he has in his Spider-Man bridge set. Tempted to buy that set just for that Green Goblin haha.

Also, can't tell if this is a new Superior Spider-Man, or the same as SY's previous Superior Spider-Man. (His extra mech arms are the same though.)

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