Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sheng Yuan SY714: Combining Mini Spider-Man Homecoming Builds with Old Minifgs Preview

Seem to be a mix of old SY Spider-Man figs from SY281 and SY188.

SY714A and SY714B

SY714C and SY714D

SY714E and SY714F

SY714G and SY714H

So their vehicles combine, that's nice. Parts look great too honestly.

Great way to get those rarer figs now like Silk and the gold eyed Spider-Man!
Sucks that the Venom is still the ugly Venom..
(Also, XINH recently released a web-suit Silk for those unaware.)

Thanks to Muhammad for the heads up!

SY also recently released SY630 for some Spider-Man Homecoming hype as well!
And again, they seem to be a mix of old SY Spider-Man figs from SY281 and SY188.

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  1. Followed your first two links and took me to mybrickstore blog. Is that you? I used to go there all the time until he stopped posting.

    1. The white skull guy is pretty cool. I don't know anything about him.

    2. The white skull guy is Ghost Spider, kinda like a Spider-Man + Ghost Rider character. He should have blue flames on his head but SY doesn't have those.. :/

      Also, I'm not mybrickstore haha, I used to visit his blog A LOT as well, then I decided to make my own. I've contacted him before and he put me on his "blogs to follow" list. :D

  2. I loved his reviews bur he got busy with life and didn't post for 5-6 months.
    I'm glad you started to do reviews.

    1. Thanks, yeah I try. He's still the best at reviews though, really really miss him