Friday, June 30, 2017

Sheng Yuan SY885, SY884: 4 DC Super Hero Girls Mini Sets

More Super Hero Girls!

SY884A and SY884B

SY885A and SY885B

Thanks again to Caleb for the heads up!

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  1. Only bumped into these now. Previews look horrible, so much differences from originals.

    Bought Bela version, which is surprisingly very close to original. Besides there was a very good Lego sale, so I grabbed all of 1st wave DC girls sets cheap.

    1. So Bela's been improving huh? Hopefully they make some of the sets SY/Lepin/Decool haven't made yet :D

    2. Looks like it. I was going to make a comparison review: Bela vs Lego.

      I'm interested in minifigs. It could be a blast if they could do minifigs from big sets separately. Like Flash from DC girls.

    3. Seems like Bela hasn't released separate minifigs in a while, or at least haven't been doing it a lot compared to other brands though.. Maybe DLP or another brand will do them :D

    4. I haven't seen DLP doing mini Dolls. While Bela is experienced with them as they do Friends and Elves. SY also does Mini dolls, but they don't have noses!