Thursday, June 29, 2017

Unknown: Adhesive Base Plates Preview

Not affiliated with any sellers, but saw this from some AE sellers.

First the tapes, now some baseplates. Honestly a good yet simple idea!

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  1. if u shop around u can get 32*16 baseplate for €1.50 and a roll of double sided tape or adhesive pads for same price cheaper then the 7 or 8 bucks these are going for and u dont know if the adhesive is any good any collector knows the sound of somthing falling worst is getting hit haha

    1. Oh yeah great idea. Yeah the adhesive part is scary since 1) they might fall as you said + 2) they might remove the paint/material of whatever it sticked to :/

    2. yeah i have load of baseplates and theres a hole in the 4 corners of each u can use thumb tacks or little panel nails to hang but going to your point then u have holes in the walls but there's more then a few ways to hang baseplates of any weight

    3. Yeah people can get creative in their own ways. At least other people have this option though in case they're too lazy or have no idea how to hang plates hehe