Monday, June 12, 2017

POGO PG243: Marvel X-23 (Aka Laura Kinney from X-Men/Logan) Minifig Preview

EDIT: She's from POGO!
Those claws!!!!!

Now I don't have to MOC her!

A couple of Ali sellers have her already but no codes or brands. Says POGO but they always say POGO haha. 

Again, not affiliated with any stores. Buy at your own risk!

Part of this bigger set!

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  1. Nice. X-Force X-23 to be specific. Wishing she will be included in the upcoming X-froce movie.

    WM - is world of Minifigures chang the FB page and EMILY WANG's page. (also notorius in xopying/ stealing customizers design without permission. -Ritche H.

    1. You mean the seller? How come others like Megao and TMGT also sell WM brand minifigs? Including this one (no codes as well)