Wednesday, June 28, 2017

WM Brand WM212: Chrome Armed Winter Soldier Minifig Review

This is how bootleggers should utilitize their chrome parts!

Printing's not as sharp as SY or TLG, but also not as sharp as other WM releases. This is very noticeable on his face mask when zoomed, you'll see the lack of sharpness, but still not enough for me to pass on him. Plastic quality is the usual for WM/POGO. XINH's recent releases are better though in my opinion. The hair piece is the only one I have a problem with in terms of plastic quality; it just feels really cheap + lots of those plastic chipping and scratches right out of the bag.

The non-chrome arm has no printing. Better view of the sniper rifle as well. Not a fan but at least they included it!

The chrome arm's movement seems to be a bit more stiff compared to regular arms, and that's alright if you're just displaying him. Articulation is still fine, it really just feels a bit more stiff, maybe because of the thicker chrome layer.

A better view at the chrome arms. The star could be a bit more red, but no complaints really, I think it still looks nice. (Might be an isolated case too)

Too bad there's no maskless face.. But at least we have the Civil War Winter Soldier for the maskless face anyway.
Quality wise, same as front's printing.

I wasn't a fan of the huge sniper rifle so I replaced it with this AR from a DLP minifig. 

"Cool, you have a metal arm?!"

In the end, this is, in my opinion, a must have if you're a Marvel collector. Especially if you don't have Winter Soldier yet. This design came from TLG's Captain America Winter Soldier [Movie] polybag by the way. Quality [of plastic and printing] is what you'd usually expect from a bootlegger; not as good as TLG or SY though, but not bad at all.

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