Tuesday, June 27, 2017

XINH 677, 682: Spider-Man (Spider-Armor MK3 and PS4 Spider-Man) Minifigs Preview

Great job, XINH! (Apart from some issues, see below.)

Let's get these out of the way. Each of them came with these. The transparent parts are very useful, the web, not so much, but it's a welcome addition! The quality of the web seems a bit more flexible than the usual DLP or SY ones. Not a big deal since they still do their jobs fine.

Left: Spider-Man (from upcoming PS4 Spider-Man game)
Right: Spider-Armor MK3

Printing quality and plastic quality are great! Way better than POGO's recently, but there are still some issues. You might have noticed some of them by now.

Side view: Some very detailed prints thankfully!

Back view! No dual molding, but not complaints. Quality of the prints is just as good as the front's. Love PS4 Spider-Man's back face print too!

You may have noticed already the hideous foot printing. I bet it's an isolated case (THAT I SADLY DID NOT NOTICE AGAIN). I'll be picking up a new one soon if I can. This is disappointing especially since everything else was great, but hey that's what you get for buying bootleg.
(Also Spider-Armor's feet seem ugly, but not that noticeable.)

The plastic quality was also crap for the head. Look at those strain marks, but in XINH's defense, it was because I tried to put a piece on the head (just so I wouldn't lose the piece)..

Left: Spider-Armor MK3 from XINH
Right: Spider-Armor MK3 from DLP

So yeah, despite being the same costume/variant/character, the designs are still different, which is why I bought the XINH one too. I'll just treat them as two different characters.. Hahaha

I also reviewed Silk from the same set.

They all come from this bigger XINH set.

Side note, Spider-Verse wish list:
Captain Universe Spider-Man, Black suit Spider-Man, and Blue Spider-Man 2099. (Among others. Haha)

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