Tuesday, June 20, 2017

XINH 678: Classic Web-Suit Silk Minifig Preview

TL;DR - Good job, XINH. 

The print quality is sharp with the right amount of gloss. This has really really good quality. Way better than POGO's recent minifigs. The face design is not my favorite part but it's far from bad and it's really hard to "fix" that given the constraints of designing on minifigs. 

Side print. Sorry about the lighting, that's not all white, some of those shapes are flesh to replicate her skin. They look much better in person! 

Back view. 

No alternate face but the details on her back despite having a long hairpiece is amazing. 

Another side view without the hair.

As reference, this is Sheng Yuan's Silk. (This is Silk's newer costume in the comics, don't know if she has an even newer one.) Courtesy of mybrickstore.blogspot.com

Web costume vs new costume.
XINH costume vs SY costume.

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