Friday, June 30, 2017

XINH X0165: Thor Ragnarok Minifigs Preview


XINH 651 - Thor with Helmet from Thor Ragnarok
XINH 652 - Amora aka Enchantress (Penzora)
XINH 653 - Jane Foster aka Natalie Portman lol (MCH Custom)
XINH 654 - Hulk with armor from Thor Ragnarok
XINH 655 - Loki from Thor Ragnarok
XINH 656 - Sakaarian Guard from Thor Ragnarok
XINH 657 - Grandmaster from Thor Ragnarok
XINH 658 - Volstagg from the Warriors Three (Engineerio)

Thanks to Dave for the heads up!
Thanks to wickedlemon of for the sources of the designs!

Love the Volstagg, as far as I know, TLG isn't releasing her. 

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  1. Volstagg is Engineerio.
    Amora is Penzora.
    Jane Foster is MCH Custom (although it may not be their original design).

  2. Jane Foster and Volstagg are must buys for MCU collectors, I've checked them out against the Dark World movie posters and they're very accurate. I'll hold off on the rest because I don't know if I'll pick up the official set yet, waiting for the price to drop a bit. Nice to see Netflix Punisher on the way too!

    1. If price is an issue, then maybe you can wait for SY or some other bootlegger to copy Thor Ragnarok sets, but don't get your hopes up too high because even GOTG Vol. 2 hasn't been copied yet, the buildable sets I mean.

  3. MCU dropped Jane foster/Natalie Portman fyi. - ritche H.

    1. Oh yeah I read something about that before..

  4. What's the meaning of MCU?

    1. Marvel Cinematic Universe. Aka the Marvel movies :D (Not counting the X-Men movies :D)