Friday, July 21, 2017

Unknown: God Mars Minifig Review

Or at least I heard it was Decool's.

I liked the quality enough but it's not the best. Some might even argue that it's not good, but given the complexity of the designs and the number of colors, I think it was bound to look not as good. Some parts of the figs has some fading marks but overall it was still good. The plastic's pretty good too, comparable to the better brands. Not as good as SY and the recent XINH minifigs though.

Sorry about the glare, really need better lighting.. 

Back view. See all those nice details? Well done, Decool or whoever really made this guy.

If there's a way of telling if a minifig is from Decool, then you just look at the shoulders of the fig. If the shoulders are pointy, like Mary Jane's and Green Deadpool's, then that's a sign that it's from Decool. (Those two are really from Decool) This God Mars on the other hand doesn't have pointy shoulders, and is actually preferred, but it makes me question its real brand.

The minifig itself is nice, but I do hope that some other brands release other related figs to it so that collectors will have more reason to buy this than having a lone mecha minifig in their collection. Actually surprised that this was the one made and not Voltron or Voltes V or Megazords or etc.

If you're from the Philippines, then you should know that I got this guy from AngeloMarcus at Greenhills Shoppesville Plus! (Especially since I didn't even see any online previews of this guy.) Feel free to comment or pm for more information! 

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  1. Do you think this seller Angelo can post item to Malaysia, if i were to buy some bricks from his shop?

    1. OMG i'm sorry I only saw this comment now :( and sorry, I asked the store about selling internationally and they just can't handle it, too busy and too hassle (country rules and stuff)