Tuesday, July 11, 2017

DTB DTB025: Spider-Carnage Minifig MOC

One of the best superheroes + one of the best supervillains =

Parts used: 
Head: Carnage
Everything else: Ben Reilly Spider-Man (from DLP)

Only noticed it now but I'm probably gonna change the hand from blue to red.

He appeared in the 90s Spider-Man cartoon. I'm not sure if he's in the mainstream comics but his appearance in one of my favorite cartoons is enough for me to MOC him.

You guys get an early peek at my Toxin minifig too!
(Still no minifig Venom for me..)

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  1. nice spider carnage weird with all the spidermen they have released he was't one of em also kewl patrick mulligan toxin if u paint up the venom big fig the black parts red and the white black u have the eddie brock toxin

    1. Thanks! I'll see what I can do about the bigfig one, still too afraid for that but if I get an extra Venom bigfig and a couple of painting materials, I'll try it out :D

    2. sum cheap acrylic paints and a small paint brush i use toothpicks and wooden skewers for both painting and removing any excess paint doesn't damage the fig ive done alot of beards for my game of thrones collection and i'm sure u have afew figs dat are no use to ya practice on them

    3. I'll see what I can do hehe thanks for the tips! :D