Tuesday, July 18, 2017

DTB DTB028: Red Feather (Filipino Marvel Superhero) Minifig MOC

Yeah he's no interesting character but I like his design enough!

Parts used:
Helmet - SY Flash (Dome type helmet) (used nail cutters to remove the horn things)
Head - Generic + small white paper and tape to cover eyes (or try Batman head)
Cape - Red
Everything else- POGO/XINH Moon Knight

Used red marker to add the boots and and the red chest design. This was really just an experiment that's why the moon logo wasn't removed yet. I have another Moon Knight body ready for another try!

More lore info about him here.

The eyes don't look too "fake" especially from afar.

Yeah the moon looks bad.. To be erased soon!


Some googled images. Did I get the look? Or nah?

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  1. Nice job. It looks good!

  2. Thanks for doing a DTB of Red Feather, I'm sure that thousands of my fellow Filipino minifig collectors are happy seeing this! Mabuhay! - Jpoks

    1. Hehe yeah of course! I'm gonna make a version two soon that will be better, because this one doesn't look as nice. I'm just practicing my MOC skills hehe. Will also try to make the rest of his teammates in Marvel universe

  3. The more unusual choice the better:) I had to look this guy up - cool character!!

    1. I was browsing for some "unusual choices" and a lot of the Marvel characters I found were just too... weird or corny or cheesy hahaha but when I saw this guy, I really thought his design was great. Simple but beautiful <3