Saturday, July 22, 2017

DTB DTB030: The Orb (Marvel Supervillain) Minifig MOC

The eyeball head came from this.

He's an enemy of the Ghost Rider if I'm not mistaken!

He looks better from afar...

Parts used:
Head - Eyeball henchman from Suicide Squad (KL Brand)
Hands - Generic white
Gun - Ray gun with white bulb thing to replicate an eyeball
Everything else - Santa Claus minifig 

Yes, i erased the bottom part of Santa's torso to achieve that look. I'm not happy with it too much but I don't think it's too bad either. I'm making some revisions though.

Reference pics:
Not a lot of minifigs with those kinds of designs right? Which made making him more difficult. 

I do already have a version 2 of my The Orb, stay tuned! I'll post him right after I post the ones I still have lined up! 

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! But I'm also still on the lookout for better parts for him! :D

  2. One of the old lego octan red racer minifigures could work... but maybe too much advertising! Fits the feel though :)

    1. Yeah too many logos but damn a racer body without logos would've been great. Fits The Orb being some sort of stunt biker guy haha