Sunday, July 23, 2017

DTB DTB031: N'Kantu The Living Mummy (Marvel Superhero) Minifig MOC

I need him for my Howling Commandos. Slowly building the team! 

This is him with Elsa Bloodstone. I also hoped I had a gold orb piece to represent his Orb of Ra (based on the comics) but the best I can do for now is a stud.. Hahaha

Parts used:
Everything - Mummy from Scooby Doo set

Got it second hand which is why I don't have the hairpiece.
(You could get those though from KL.)

This was the minifig when I first got it but I have erased that face with a pencil eraser already haha

Would've preferred it if my minifig's face was more similar to the ones in the picture but hey, he's a mummy so I guess I can't be too picky.

Could've copied this one but the reference pictures above are easier to make haha. My wallet says sorry for the lack of the hairpiece haha.

That's one member of the Howling Commandos done, my current problem would be the lack of SHIELD Agent minifig parts. Hopefully some brand releases them soon, because POGO's was crap and SY's is hard to get.

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  1. Try using the classic Silk's arm from marvel for more mummy effect - Jpoks

    1. Oh yeah I think I could use her arms best. Maybe if I get extra Silk minifigs! :D

  2. I uesd the same bela scooby doo mummy head for my moc HUSH minifigure. ritche H.

    1. Oh well that's a nice idea! If I did DC figs I'd do the same :D