Monday, July 31, 2017

DTB DTB034: Red Feather (II) Minifig MOC

Stumpled upon a Captain Marvel head with no lipstick. This was created afterwards.

Parts used this time:
Head - Captain Marvel
Torso - Moon Knight
Others - Generic

The previous head. Link below for more information!

Uhh, don't even know his powers but I just had fun with this picture.. Hahaha

Moon Knight's body then erased the upper chest prints with pencil eraser.

POGO(or XINH, not sure) Captain Marvel head on the left and SY Captain Marvel head on the right.

Got the parts during a local store's sale at Greenhills. Even without the sale, they're heaven for MOCers hehe. Just look for AngeloMarcus at Greenhills Shoppesville Plus or pm me for more info!

Check Red Feather I and read more about him here!

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  1. Yung red pag naging black + yellow cape = space ghost - ritche h.

    1. Pwede pwede, pero mas suggest ko 'yong helmet ni Red Robin(?) ng Sheng Yuan para kay Space Ghost. Right now though, mas focus ko lang talaga Marvel e, pero tignan natin hehe