Saturday, July 29, 2017

DTB: Haul for July 29, 2017 from AngeloMarcus Greenhills

Just a small haul.

Anyone know the guy in the middle?

Small but welcome haul!

Reviews to come soon! Stay tuned!

AngeloMarcus is my local store for those unaware. (In the Philippines, comment or PM me for more information)

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  1. guy in the middle = "Juomaru" from "Plawres Sanshiro" TV-Anime (1983)

    . . . Story about a young boy named "Sanshiro Sugata" and his miniature PlaWrestler pocket robot with super LSI circuit named "Juohmaru". Initially, the show was about Sanshiro's battles with Juohmaru against other PlaWrestlers in robot battle tournaments that were a hybrid blend of modern professional wrestling, hi-tech Robot Wars

  2. Bootleg of this?

    1. Looks like it. It's some sort of Japanese anime or manga. I'll post the review soon. Still not sure about the brand though..