Sunday, July 23, 2017

DTB: Haul from AngeloMarcus Greenhills and Mini Local Convention for July 23, 2017

Yeah I got DC stuff too! Yay!

My haul from AngeloMarcus at Greenhills + a few minifigs from our local mini convention.

Got more stuff from AngeloMarcus than from the hundred+ collectors in the event though.. Haha

Some pictures from the event. 

If you're from the Philippines, please feel free to comment or PM me for more details regarding AngeloMarcus or the local convention!

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  1. like to get a better look at the dc figs i have em ordered but it will be another month before there in my hands

    1. So far so good! In terms of quality. Aqua Man's the only weird guy because of his hideous face.. (but quality wise, it's still good) Stay tuned for the reviews though! :D

    2. Yeah, I've just seen his real face. So scary

    3. Yeah man. The minifig itself looks great honestly. I love all the details and all, but they just messed up the face so badly.. Oh well, at least we can switch out the face at least

    4. Just in case you don't want Xinh's new Aquaman's face, I'm willing to take it. It would look good with my medieval warriors.