Thursday, July 20, 2017

DTB: Minifig Haul for July 20, 2017 from AngeloMarcus Greenhills

Great time to be a superhero minifig collector!

A mix of POGO and XINH minifigs! Reviews to come soon!

I went to a different store and got this too.
I got three confirmations that their mystery minifig from their SY650 set was a Hulk, and I was actually expecting to get the Hulk, but turns out it's the [new] Fantastic Four The Thing bigfig. Not disappointed with it, but also not happy with it. Please do share which bigfig you got from SY650!

If some people got the exclusive bigfigs like Blob, Kingpin, Kurse, or the others, then I'll start hunting for these as well!

This guy's supposedly from Decool. Anyone know it/him/her? 

Where I get my minifigs! 
AngeloMarcus @ Shoppesville Plus, Greenhills, San Juan
If you're from the Philippines [or visiting the Philippines], then I recommend this place for when you're looking for your minifigs.

 Back when I started around late 2014 - early 2015, not sure exactly when, I had to go to Divisoria to get my hauls. And I only went there maybe once in two or three months, so it was really hard to get updated, and a lot of times you wouldn't even be sure if they had the new releases and you'd have to walk around 2-3 malls (999, 168, Divisoria Mall) just to find all the sets you want (if they're even available). 

If you've been following the blog since its early days, you'd know that I stopped with the blog for a while, mainly because travelling far to Divisoria was just too much of a hassle in terms of time and well it was tiring. On the other hand, Greenhills, where AngeloMarcus is, is nearer and way more convenient (and also has other merchandise in its many malls, in case you're interested) and with more or less the same prices as Divisoria. Also, + points for them because the Ates here are very nice and accomodating, they also know the characters and will help you find what you want. (versus many of the Divisoria store people who are masungit and have no idea what they're selling. -_-)

Of course, the thrill of walking around Divisoria and discovering new places + other merchandise other than brick toys is still a different thing altogether, but to the people who just want their minifigs at the best price and earliest time, then just go to AngeloMarcus at Shoppesvill Plus, Greenhills! 
I'm more than willing to give more details about the place, just send me a comment or a PM through Facebook!

Stay tuned for the reviews! Share your thoughts below or through Facebook and like the page as well for the latest previews, reviews, MOCs, and more!


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah but I don't think it's Voltron.. :/

  2. It is GOD MARS.

  3. And you got Arsenal. Your DC collection grows.

    Decool have sharp leg joints, easily distinguishable from others.

    And SY650 doesn't have any options according to AE. As sellers remove retail boxes, there's no mystery anymore. So there's only Hulk.

    1. That's actually not Arsenal but Deadpool. Yeah he doesn't look like it but he wore that costume in the comics, POGO just included the bow even though there shouldn't be.

      (But yeah my DC figs are starting to grow too.. haha)

      I'll check Godmars (the robot minifig) if the leg joints are sharp :D I just asked the store and they said that he came from Decool so yeah.

      And yeah I was 100% sure I was gonna get Hulk from that box... Three people and maybe more confirmed to me that they got Hulk, but weird that I got this one..

  4. The pogo/xinh single minifigs brands will not be available in Divisoria anymore. According to my source the one who is distributing in Divisoria & the one in Greenhills had already agreed that those minifigs will be solely distributed in Greenhills. That's why there are only old stocks minifigs available in Divisoria since last month. The only minifigs that can be bought is that of Decool, SY, Lele,etc. that are boxed in 6's or 8's. So those that are hunting in divisoria I can only say that "Hunting Season" will be over soon. Most of the old stocks are on sale! - Jpoks

    1. Ohhh well I guess I'm fine with that. i wonder how others feel though, but AngeloMarcus is a great store. Prices are good.The people are way nicer too, that one place in 999 with POGO/XINH before had an ate that was very unaccomodating.. and the buildable SY/Decool/Lepin/etc. sets, I assume, will still be in divisoria at least :)