Monday, July 3, 2017

J&K J&K0137-J&K044: Zombie War Various Monster Minifigs Preview

Another new brand? Or an old, unpopular and crappy brand?

J&K0137 - Mummy
J&K0138 - Zombie Police
J&K0139 - Zombie Demon (Darth Maul? Lol)
J&K0140 - Vampire

J&K0141 - Zombie Gentleman
J&K0142 - Zombie Female

J&K0143 - Zombie Sir
J&K0144 - Zombie Warrior

Some funny names aside, some of these parts could be useful to a lot of poeple. 

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  1. Old, unpopular and crappy brand!

  2. Haha I got this crap set a couple years ago. I don't see the zombie cheerleader, she was sooo shitty.

  3. These are old minifigs I believe, but this would be the first time I see a brand name attach to them.

  4. Old and crappy. I also bought these under this same brand and was disappointed in the really cheap quality.