Monday, July 24, 2017

Kopf KF276: Toxin Bigfig (or Red Venom or Carnom) Review

To be safe, I'll call him Toxin instead.

Love this guy. If you got the Decool Venom, well this one is better in terms of quality. It's not as good as the recent XINH Gladiator Hulk but it's not bad at all. You might see some lines from the plastic mold but it's not as bad as you think, you'll only notice them if you really look closely. 

Oh and he does come with that baseplate. Thankfully it has complete studs unlike the XINH one.

Nothing going on when it comes to the sides.

Interestingly, the back of Toxin has spider printing. Don't know if Toxin really has that but pretty sure Venom doesn't does or at least the Decool one. There's also a scratch on the spider's butt, but it doesn't bother me as much at least. + I guess you can marker it to cover the scratch.

Oh and the head is removable unlike the official bigfigs, if I'm not mistaken. Though when you do turn the head to the sides, the head comes off because of the neck. Still, at least they're removable.

He comes with this aesthetically good looking claw arms but it's not build well in my opinion. I think they should've included a different way of holding this piece, or maybe even replacing the hands altogether. Toxin is simply holding a lightsaber hilt piece and those 2x1 pieces with bars are simply attached to that hilt, which makes them very easy to remove, on purpose or accidentally. Well, we can alter this design anyway as long as we have extra parts. Feel free to share with us whatever modifications you do to this well-done bigfig.

Previously previewed here! With pictures of where we think his design came from.

I also made a minifig MOC of Toxin (Patrick Mulligan) here.

I was planning to make a Venompool MOC with this guy, using markers, but I think it's more difficult that I had hoped for. We'll see if my plans continue, but for now I'm not intending to do Venompool.

If you're from the Philippines then you should know that I got this guy from AngeloMarcus at Greenhills again. Really amazing how they get their stocks so much earlier than even AliExpress previews. And I love their service vs where I used to get my old hauls (divisoria).

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  1. The decool venom had a white spider in the back, SY Venom (SY511 & SY632) that this mold came from has the same relief spider painted white, same exact mold. SY and DLP and maybe others are getting these done in the same place and just rotating characters thru the brands.

    1. OMG that was a typo I meant to say "pretty sure Venom has" but I didn't really know if Toxin did. I hoped though that if Kopf or some other brand would recycle bigfigs, that they do the ones SY released before like Kingpin, Kurse, Doombot, etc.

  2. I'm still waiting on decool to wise up and make a green gorilla from grodd mold for beast boy, and maybe a white one for whats his face the gorilla city dude. Solovar?? SY is milking the Exclusive big figs with the big sets, it will be a while till they are out in the wild.

    I would like to see that misprinted plain HULK gladiator that you posted about as an official release, that's how he will be in most of the movie, change the arm with the armor and its a nice addition. Maybe we need to do a petition... _O_