Sunday, July 2, 2017

Kopf KF6024: Spider-Man Homecoming and Comic Minifigs Preview

Wonder which brand these guys really came from!

KF298 - Homecoming Suit
KF299 - Homecoming Homemade Suit
KF300 - Spider-Man 2099 (finally in blue)
KF301 - Big Time Spider-Man?
KF302 - 2002 Movie Spider-Man?
KF303 - Homecoming Spider-Man with Jacket
KF304 - White Spider-Man 2099?
KF305 - Agent Venom

Love the blue 2099 and homemade suit. Will be picking these guys up!

Revealed to be from DLP!

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  1. I just recently made the Home made suit, TLG CMS devil boy torso, painted the hood red from scarlet spider, and using redhood's head. Is this DLP set? agent venom loks like recent DLP set with other marvel heroes. ritche -H

    1. I almost bought original CMS Devil Boy just for the MOC homemade suit, good thing I didn't haha.

      I have a feeling this one is from DLP and not Kopf but we'll have to wait and see :D

  2. These bootleggers really knowhow to take my money...MCU Punisher, Volstagg, Jane foster, Sif, Mandarin, Red Skull, Homemade Spidey AND Jacket Spidey all revealed within a week!

    1. Yeah man, and my wallet cries within a week! Hahaha