Thursday, July 20, 2017

Kopf KF927: SDCC Howard the Duck in Deadpool Costume Minifig Preview

Hopefully quality's good! I'd prefer a late but good quality release than a rushed but crap one!

I'll pick him up as soon as AngeloMarcus (my local store) starts selling them!

Background info: Just today, as of this posting, this minifig was announced as a SDCC exclusive. When these come out for sale by other collectors, it's probably go for hundreds of dollars and maybe even thousands? Kopf and other brands will at least give us cheaper options hopefully; let's hope this one is good!

Most likely Dargo's.

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  1. wow they jumped in and copied this quickly :O awesome!!! haha

  2. Missed the opportunity to make it have articulated short legs but its fine as long as the paint apps will be top notch