Sunday, July 23, 2017

Lepin 07076, 07089: Spider-Man Homecoming Beware the Vulture and ATM Battle Heist Sets Preview

Spotted in AliExpress and 1688

Lepin 07076 - Beware the Vulture

Lepin 07089 - ATM Heist Battle

I'm actually surprised Lepin is only releasing these now. I mean they went full on shameless when they released the Wonder Woman vs Ares set a few hours right after TLG previewed it. Also, Lepin skipped GOTG Vol. 2? 

Also, no box arts make these very sketchy (in addition to it being shameless copies of course). I do recommend getting the official sets first and foremost but if left with no other choice, I also recommend waiting for other stores to have these just to be sure they're not fake or pre-sell items. Never buy pre-sell items. 

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  1. Still never seen the Wonder Woman area set on aliexpress yet

    1. Yeah they just quickly photoshopped their logo on the official one for that one, I assume. But this one, well I saw at least one store in Ali that have them, not sure if pre-sell or not but I'd still recommend waiting a bit..