Tuesday, July 11, 2017

POGO PG1032: Winged Warrior Minifig Review

Not bad, POGO.

He's basically an exact copy of TLG's CMF Winged Warrior.

The spear is a one piece accessory, meaning you can't remove the blade from the stick (which my POGO/XINH Roman soldier can do).

Quality of the accessories are great. At least mine are, always keep in mind that bootleg quality control is never as good as the official ones.

The design of the torso, not counting the armor, still looks great. Credits go to TLG though.

No back print which is alright considering the armor piece.

My only issue with my Winged Warrior is the looseness of the parts. His head can be easily removed, it stays put and you can flip him upside down without losing the helmet but it still feels too loose. The wings, or more specifically the claw pieces that hold the wings feel loose when they're attached to the armor piece.

Printing wise, this is great. If you're just gonna display this guy, then he's a good buy. If you're gonna make someone play with him, then it might not be a good idea.

Gonna use this guy for a MOC for those wondering why I bought him despite being a Marvel-only collector. Stay tuned!

Overall, try and get the official one first. When all else fails, then this guy is an option for you at least!

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