Monday, July 17, 2017

POGO PG212-PG213, PG215-PG217: Capt. Punisher, Classic Nightwing, Wrecking Crew, and More Minifigs Review

Great designs! But what about quality?

Captain Punisher and Wolverine (Days of Future Past movie)
I can easily say that quality is not good, though it's not bad at all too. Looking from a distance, they look really nice but look closer and you might notice some aspects about the figs that you won't like. An example would be DOFP Wolverine's design, the torso - hip - legs printing don't look too good; the details and execution of the designs just look... fake.. Captain Punisher on the other hand is one of my more preferred designs but quality control from POGO still has issues. When I bought this [from my physical local store] I had to ask for a replacement [before opening the sealed bag] because the face and torso prints had some scratches or fade marks..

Side arm printing's good, looks better than torso's but maybe because the pieces are also smaller.

A better look at Capt. Punisher's arm prints. Also, no alternate face for Wolverine.

Back view. The details on Capt. Punisher's design just look so much better and more refined than DOFP Wolverine's. POGO's fault? Or source design's fault? 

Time for 2/4 of the Wrecking Crew. Seriously though, can we have all 4?
Bulldozer on the left, Piledriver on the right. Yes, they are Marvel supervillains. POGO quality control still disappoints; had to replace Bulldozer 2 times, 1st because his face print had a huge scratch and 2nd because his lower torso/belt print had a huge fade marking. They also come with two sticks that I don't think are their real weapons so just get rid of hem. 

Nothing going on here.

I'll let the pictures do the talking.

No alternate face for Piledriver.

Classic Nightwing is here as well. I don't collect DC but we're starting to build a very small DC collection and I think this nightwing is a good addition. I've got no problems with this Nightwing. The collar fits really well and retains the shape very well unlike other bootleg capes and collars. Printing quality is good as well. I'd say this is the best of the bunch.

Nicely done printing on the arms.

Seems to be dual molded legs too. The inside of the upper leg is dark blue and the inside of the lower leg is light blue. Sometimes, bootleggers try to trick us into thinking a minifig is dual molded by adding that circle thing to the print (ehem DLP), but I think this one is a real deal.

The chin looks weird but it's not too bad + the main face is good anyway.

For their codes and sources:
PG212 - Piledriver (Engineerio)
PG213 - Bulldozer (Engineerio)
PG215 - DOFP Intro Wolverine (Engineerio)
PG216 - Captain Punisher (Engineerio)
PG217 - Classic Nightwing (Brothers Figure)

They were all previewed here.

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