Monday, July 17, 2017

POGO PG214: Captain Universe Spider-Man (with two heads) Minifig Review

Two in one heads. Good or?

I bought two because 1) I love the designs and 2) there are two heads, and the white head is a new and unique head with no body.

Some nice printing on the side arms. No complaints here.

I love the desgin at the back of the head of Captain Universe. Although you do see that the torso printing isn't consistent. The one on the left is lower than the one on the right..

Both my Capt. Universe heads have errors. If you look closely there's some sort of scratch on the head.

The other issue is misalignment of the printing. The other Capt. Universe's head prints aren't aligned, the back print is located more to the left than the center which doesn't really look good.

There were also some print marks on both of the white heads that I managed to erase with a pencil eraser.

The minifig is what you'd usually expect from POGO. Well, maybe it's a bit worse than the usual, but better than the recent ones.

POGO still has its quality control issues. I had to ask for replacements for this guy when I was buying at my local store, but I still ended up with a minifig with errors. I really do hope they fix this within their company soon, or XINH might start becoming the more popular brand.

It would've been interesting to see this other Captain Universe Spider-Man though..

More reviews to come! Stay tuned!

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  1. Any idea what the other head is from? I haven't seen that on any Spider-Man before.

  2. Yeah also have no idea for now.. :/ I'll update soon if someone tells me