Monday, July 24, 2017

POGO PG225: Mister Sinister Minifig Review

He's an X-Men villain for those unaware. 

I love this so much, but if you look closely his printing seems dull. I also don't know if some of those are on purpose but see how the lines look so inconsistent. Plastic quality wise though, the guy is fine, like your average POGO minifig, not the bad ones at all.

They probably recycled Azrael's capes from before. I think this is a great way to use that cape though! Hopefully POGO does more of these types, new pieces, molds, capes, then use them on characters that make sense.

Side view. Kinda dull lines like the torso but it doesn't really bother me. At least they're not too thick or too thin and they still give you the Mister Sinister vibe.

Back view. See how the lines aren't inconsistent or organized. Those blue lines are overlapping with the grey line that is also unaligned with the thick red line. Not too bad though for me at least. Don't know if it's a quality control issue too or if everything's like that. 

TL;DR - Great Mister Sinister, okay minifig. 

I've already expressed this before, but I just really love the set where they came from.
Also already reviewed Dark Phoenix here and three of the others from the same set here.

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