Wednesday, July 19, 2017

POGO PG242-PG249: Jay Garrick Flash, Reaper, Fantomex, and More Minifigs Review

One of the more interesting POGO sets I've ever seen!

Reaper from Overwatch on the left and Flash (Jay Garrick) on the right.
I have 0 problems with Jay Garrick Flash. He's one of the best I've seen from POGO.
Reaper on the other hand kinda has some leg printing issues. If you look at the leg to waist printing, you can see that it's off and incomplete..

Jay Garrick continues to impress with those side prints!

Not much going on.

The spotlight of the show. Initially it was quite difficult placing the wings on the hat but I guess it was fine because it ended up being stuck there firmly, no wiggles or loseness.

For those interested, here's Reaper without the coat.

Another shot. Back printing looks messy but it's better than nothing especially since he's supposed to have a coat.

Now for the Marvel characters:
From left to right, Fantomex from X-Men (An X-men enemy I think), Punisher, and Deadpool. This is a new design of Deadpool by the way.

I've got no problems with these minifigs as well. Great quality especially for a POGO set.

Also focus attention on Deadpool's side waist's print!

Interesting Deadpool logo on the back of Deadpool's torso!

And no alternate faces for any of them.

Reference codes:
PG242 - Reaper from Overwatch
PG245 - Deadpool
PG246 - Fantomex
PG247 - Jay Garrick Flash
PG249 - Punisher

You can look at the preview of the whole set here.

I also reviewed X-23 from the same set here.

Also, if you're from the Philippines, I got them from AngeloMarcus at Greenhills, Shoppesville Plus! Feel free to pm me here or comment for more information!

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  1. Jay Garrick's helmet looks amazing! Can't wait to receive my parcel from Ali with bunch of new Pogo stuff.

    1. Yeah! I don't collect DC but seeing him with his beautiful helmet made me buy him. Gold wing things too, not just yellow but gold! Beautiful

  2. fantomex is member of Warren's (archangel) X-force, also from weapon X program designate X-13
    2 hand gun fighting style. He's the one who pulled the trigger to kill apocalypse ressurrected as a young boy, where ohter's refuse to do it. (wolvy, deadpool, psylocke, archangel) saying he was already indoctrinated. ritceh H.