Thursday, July 27, 2017

POGO PG255, PG256: Witch and Two-Face from TLBM Minifigs Review (With TLG Comparison)

Previewed here.

Both characters are from TLBM.

Let's start with Two Face because I'm gonna be comparing POGO Witch with Lego Witch. I don't really have other Two Face minifigs to compare with this one, but I think this one is a nice design. It's also well made, not as good as XINH's recent minifigs but good nonetheless. The designs are also interesting, you can even see his underwear on his black pants! Haha! No problems with this minifig.

"Normal" side has no print, but "evil" side has printing, the side legs as well which is a welcome design. Good quality too!

Here's the back print. His alternate face is different enough from the main face but still same enough to retain the Two Face look. The back torso's printing is good until you reach the lower part where I think POGO messed up their alignment.

The hairpiece is made with different material, less gloss. It's no big deal because I think it still does its job as a hair piecewell. I think the black is just printed on the purple hair and not dual molded which is also fine because it was printed well.

It's Bootlego vs Lego. Which one is original and which one is alternate? Well the nicer one is the authentic one! You can see that POGO's printing is thicker than the official one. Plastic quality is good for bootlego, but compared to Lego, it's nothing. The bootlego cape is what I prefer though because for me, those thicker Lego capes end up looking like scarves instead of capes; I guess it also depends on the character though. 

Lego hat on the right, better quality as expected, but POGO's isn't bad as well.

It's weird that POGO included a black broom for their witch.. So yeah that's a big difference there.

Back view.

TL;DR - Always get the authentic one as much as possible. It'll always be better than any alternate Lego brand.

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