Monday, July 31, 2017

POGO PG735-PG742: Ewoks, Gamorrean Guard, and More Minifigs Preview

Winnie the Pooh minifigs

PG735 - Watto
PG736 - Ewok Warrior
PG737 - Chief Chirpa
PG738 - Wicket W Warrick
PG739 - Logray
PG740 - Teebo
PG741 - Tokkat
PG742 - Gamorrean Guard

Thanks to our readers for the names!

Cute? Looking forward to seeing these in AngeloMarcus! Soon probably.

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  1. 735 is called Watto


  2. 736 Ewok warrior
    737 Chief Chirpa
    738 Wicket W Warrick
    739 Logray
    740 Teebo
    741 Tokkat

    Custom ewoks here we come:)

    1. You took the ewords out of my emouth. We can use official lego for the bodies (with xihn mini legs = ewoks that can sit O_O), win win win. _O_