Monday, July 24, 2017

POGO PG8066: Star Wars Minifigs Including Boba Fett, First Order Stormtrooper, Kanan, and More Preview

And you thought they stopped making Star Wars.. Haha

PG727 - M-OC Hunter Droid (Freemaker Adventures)
PG728 - Boba Fett (EP II)
PG729 - First Order Stormtrooper (TFA/TLJ)
PG730 - Bodhi Rook (Rogue One)
PG731 - Hera (Rebels)
PG732 - Kanan Jarrus (Rebels)
PG733 - First Order Officer (TFA/TLJ)
PG734 - Pao (Rogue One)

They seem to be from TLG's 2017 sets.

Can't wait for my stores to have them!! (Probably not a lot of waiting though because gosh AngeloMarcus Greenhills really gets them early)

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  1. gone to pick a few of hunter droids they'll look sweet