Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sheng Yuan SY172: Toy Story 3 Damaged Buzz Lightyear Minifig Review

Three options = good.

Initially thought I was buying the POGO one from this set. Guess I was wrong. He was almost more expensive than the usual minifigs in my store.

The heads are: 
Left: Normal Buzz head from Toy Story 3 sets. (has marking/scratch on the nose)
Right: Damaged Buzz head from Toy Story 3 sets. (as in design)
Equipped: Disney CMF Buzz head.

Thanks TLG for designing the torso itself despite having an armor piece on top of it.

The wings and the glass dome are removable. The glass dome doesn't go all the way from his back to his front.

It's important to note that this design is the one with marks or damages. Which is why I am assuming this was based on the Toy Story toyline and not the Disney CMF toyline. The extra heads were just welcome additions courtesy of SY. 

Everyhint is alright from what I can see. The only thing annoying is that the paint was faded off from Buzz' head. (Or there's a black mark that I can't erase because the flesh color is print and not mold..) At least we were given three heads so that's good. Oh and I'm not sure if the eyes are really supposed to be like that or not.. I mean he is a toy.. Personally I prefer the normal minifig head anyway.

Kinda curious to see if POGO will release three heads as well.

Why did I buy him? Gonna give him as a gift to a baby relative who loves Buzz Lightyear hahaha

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  1. Looks good. So SY just pretends they can't make unusual molds?

    1. Hahaha i know right, but maybe because they've released Toy Story before? Hope this is the start of a better comeback though, I really miss the old SY

  2. SY172 came out long before the CMF wave. There were two Buzz's on that wave. You seem yo have the legs of one, the body of the other and the heads of both. Plus the CMF head.

    Maybe somebody, somewhere, is clearing out spare parts.

    1. Didn't know about the legs. But the heads were a welcome addition at least.

    2. which one is SY661? SY172 was the name of this guy in AliExpress (even though I didn't get him from AliExpress)


    4. Saw it just a while ago. The mini builds actually look great