Saturday, July 8, 2017

Sheng Yuan SY657: Set of 8 Justice League Minifigs Preview

They don't seem to be copies of the movie versions..

Clearer picture.

Some of them are pretty new designs though, so I guess that's good even if they're not copies of official TLG ones.

Thanks to Abigail for the heads up on these!

Thanks to David for the heads up on these clearer pictures!

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  1. Replies
    1. from what i can tell theres cyborg wonder woman ? could Martian Manhunter or atleast the bootlegger version i sure they dont know who alot of these characters are flash batman supes lantern yeah could be aquaman or sum random fig that has an ocean theme i've seen sets with squid and crab minifigs and there referenced as pirates of the caribbean but have nothing to do with the films

    2. Yeah the bottom right guy seems to be Aquaman.. I updated it with a slightly clearer picture, I think haha :D

    3. I found a bigger picture too. I guessed Aquaman from the trident, but Green Lantern has one too!

      I wonder where the inspiration for this and the Martian Manhunter came from?

    4. They could've at least made the trident green to make it suit Green Lantern lol.

      Maybe these designs are like some of SY's designs which came from nowhere and they just made it themselves. Or perhaps from some video games that they copied.. :/

    5. I got this set today, it kinda seems like Green Lantern and Aquaman's vehicles got switched around somehow.